Me...a challenge...???
Me...a challenge...???

I started on my own dog training adventure after taking on a year old rescue dog who had zero training and spent most of his young life abandoned in a rescue centre. He had both psychological and physiological challenges that needed attending to and required a lot of patience, guidance and commitment.

After going to various recommended trainers who were supposedly using force free positive training and discovering that in fact they weren’t, I eventually found a good one and saw immediate changes in my dogs response to me.

Although the hard work is on the owners to keep up the training, the trainer you choose and the type of training methods they use are in my opinion, vital to how well your dog learns and for them to become a well balanced confident dog.

The mental wellbeing of your dog is as important as physical wellbeing and both can have MAJOR impacts on behaviour and learning.

I am a qualified trainer and a member of the IMDT ( Institute of Modern Dog Trainers ) who only advocate Force Free Training and so are all EeeZee Dog Trainers.

Canine First Aid Trained

We are also proud suppliers of the Perfect Fit harness which are in my opinion the best on the market.

They come highly recommend by the majority of modern dog trainers. These harnesses come in 3 pieces that adjust which not only allows for some growth but unlike off the shelf harnesses, will fit your particular dog. The clever design doesn’t cause pressure over the shoulder joints and don’t require putting the dogs head through any piece which many dogs object to.

We offer a FREE harness fitting service to our clients insuring you get the correct fit for your dog.

Please contact for for more details or to arrange a fitting.