Effective Achievable Force Free
Effective Achievable Force Free

3 Week Learn the Basics ~ please contact for next dates

A 3 week course designed for vaccinated dogs over 16 weeks old.

Designed for those who can’t commit to weekly classes but still want to learn the basics and can practice lots in their own time. Learn how to teach your dog to Respond Well to their name, Sit, Lay Down, Stand, Off ( get down), Leave it, Walk Nicely on the lead, Recall ( come back!) and Stay, whilst building up the bond and trust between you. Other bits of useful training and lots of information thrown in too!

1 hr Introduction to K9 Enrichment

For all dogs but especially helpful to those who are always on the go and those who get nervous or anxious.

Well show you ways to entertain your dog with minimum effort and without going anywhere!

During this hour you’ll be engaging the dogs brain and tapping in to all their senses which makes them tired and helps them feel happy.

The techniques you’ll learn can be use whilst your out and about with your dog and you’ll discover simple ways to calm your dog.

6 Week Puppy Course

A 6 week course designed to get you and your pup off to a great start.

We’ll give you the essential information and foundation exercises to not only build essential bonds of trust but to be on the right road towards having a well trained, confident dog.

We cover correct handling of your pup and preparing them for visits to the groomers and vets, feeding, common puppy problems such as biting and toileting, confidence building as well as teaching your dog to, Respond to name, Sit, Lay down, Walk nicely on the lead, Settle, Stay, Recalling your dog to you and lots more!

1 hr Young Handlers Workshop

A 1 hour fun workshop teaching kids from 7 to 13 years old about how dogs learn and how to train them and be around dogs in a safe way.

During the hour they’ll be teaching their dogs some basics plus a couple of tricks!

Accompanying adults can either participate or have a cuppa and watch from the sidelines.

Go to bookings page or contact via email for more information.

****If your dog reacts around other people or dogs, please contact me before booking to discuss this.****


All classes include a welcome pack containing freebies and money off codes.