Effective Achievable Force Free
Effective Achievable Force Free

The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers are raising the standards in dog training by offering training and qualifications for dog trainers so that you know, your getting a trained professional who abide by their strict code of conduct and ethics, using scientifically proven, force free methods. IMDT

Eeezee Dog Training is a supporter of German Shepherd Rescue Elite.

German Shepherd Rescue Elite

Donation this year has gone to Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre who are owned by a British couple who do an amazing service to unwanted, poorly treated, abandoned and abused horses in Spain. Animals don’t seem to have the same level as protection as in the UK and it’s left to guys like these to do the rescue, care and rehabilitation of these amazing beings. It’s not uncommon for them to transport the horses hundreds of miles to specialist vets and give horses prosthetic limbs in order to save their lives. The cost of which is astronomical.

They’ve REALLY been struggling for money to look after their horses. This is why donation this year had to go to them. Any one who visits their centre can see their dedication and hard work and I hold horses in equal love and respect as dogs, so for me it’s a no brainer.


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