New Pup Adventure Program 8 weeks - 16 weeks old

Fantastic new and exciting program for those who have new pups and struggling to juggle puppy care during the working day.

Includes basic training !!!

Please contact for full details and availability.

Older Pup Adventure Program 16 weeks old plus

Bespoke service for your puppy.

Your pup should be having only 5 minutes exercise for every month old they are so that their muscles, joints and bones aren’t put under strain and they’re not getting into a pattern of becoming over excited.

A great alternative to day care

Includes training!!!

Please contact for full details and availability

Availability limited for both programs

Please contact for more information and to book.


80 minutes Pre Dog Preparation Visit and Training £65

One off advice and guidance to fully prepare you before you bring home your new pup or rescue dog, designed around your specific needs. Can include things like how to crate train correctly, safe handling, enrichment ideas, toilet training, correct play, meeting and greeting etc.

One 2 One Training Initial Visit

This session is to assess your training needs and draw up an individual program for you and your dog, explain any control and management you may need to address immediate issues plus get you started on the training!

1.5hrs - 2hrs £65

One 2 One Training ( after initial visit) 1hr session £45

One 2 One Package

Includes initial visit of 1.5 hrs, plus four 1 hr sessions to be taken within 6 months £225

2hr Recall One to One £65

Learn lots of games and recall methods to engage your dog and make recall fun and effective!

1hr Fast Track Trainer Sessions - 6 or 12 session block to be taken once or twice weekly (£360) / (£660)

Fast track your dogs training progress by opting for an EeeZee Dog trainer to do the hard work for you and get the training going.

Different options available for this training where either, we will do some sessions in your home where you can observe or get involved, or completely take over the training after the first session giving you information and updates via email afterwards. We continue the training in more challenging environments that best suits the training and behaviour you want to achieve. Includes once weekly email support to check on progress and answer any questions. A popular option for busy people! Please contact for further information.

Behaviour Consult

If you have a behavioural problem with your dog, please telephone or email so that we can take more information and give you a better guide to pricing/ timescale for the issue.


2 hr Recall & Loose Lead Walking Workshop

3 Week Learn The Basics Classes

Puppy classes £89

Adult dog classes £85

1 hr Young Handler course

See Events page for dates and more details

Enrichment Visits

No longer any need to feel guilty when you have to leave your dog for longer than you want!

Enrich your dogs day with our home visit program. During the visit, we’ll let the dog out for a toilet break, do lots of stimulating brain games, play and training at home so your dogs left feeling happy, entertained and settled.

Perfect for dogs of any age.

Can include feeding and cleaning your dogs bowls, giving fresh water and medication and of course lots of attention and fuss.. if that’s what your dog loves!

We are flexible with regards to providing a service that’s best suited to your particular dog so contact us to discuss the content of the visit and offers

1 Dog: 1 x 40 min from £12 2 x 40min from £20

2 Dogs : 1 x 40 min from £14 2 x 40 min from £25

3 Dogs plus : 1 x 55 min from £17 2 x 55 min from £28

( slight price variation depending upon distance of visit if it’s more than 6 miles away and if you would like a longer visit for your dog)


Perfect Fit Harness Measuring and Supplying £0-£5

Free to current clients

£5 to non clients, refundable upon purchase

We are proud to be supplying Perfect Fit Harness to our clients who want a great quality harness which doesn’t put pressure on the dogs joints like many off the shelf harnesses do and of course no damage from pressure around the throat that collars may cause.

They have 2 ‘D’ rings, one on the back and one at the front, for use with a double ended lead. Especially good for strong ‘pullers,’ whilst in the process of training the dog to walk with a nice loose lead.

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